The dark theme

28 / 04 / 2020

I decided to write this article when I’m about to release a first preliminary version of my new work, Editor Enhancer, because as you know this package includes an option to activate the Unity dark theme with a legal hack, something that could potentially generate some controversy.

Hello (again)

22 / 11 / 2019

Well you see, now that opening a Twitter thread is considered the “new” and most sophisticated way to communicate three connected ideas, I can’t think of anything better than coming here with a new version of my website. I’m hopeless.

A commitment to myself

23 / 11 / 2013

After the NSCoder Night I stayed talking with Diego Freniche about a possible project for next year and also about those dynamics that we get into sometimes when we work too hard to the point of getting the feeling that we are not enjoying life.

NSCoder Night Córdoba

18 / 11 / 2013

As we promised through our twitter account, here is the summary of the inaugural meeting held last Friday 15th.

You must not be doing so well

06 / 04 / 2013

You used to win. You used to feel a step up. You always thought that success had to have an explanation, that it couldn’t be coincidence. Better genes, maybe a natural talent that only you had. Whatever it was, you felt special.

Steve Jobs

07 / 10 / 2011

In mid-2008, days after my severance agreement at that company that asserted the Peter Principle with me, Apple presented the iPhone 3G and the App Store in an anthological keynote that left a deep impression on me.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

27 / 08 / 2008

I’ve had some really crappy summers in my life, but this year’s takes the cake. I guess I had put too much hope in him, I guess I had put too much hope in me. Guessing is cheap.

Posadas Amiga Party 1995

17 / 04 / 2008

The Posadas Amiga Party was not and will never be the biggest party organized in Spain, but many of us remember it as the best demoscene party ever held in our country. A fascinating, unrepeatable and warm event, above all warm…