Unity Tools

A collection of utilities to improve the Unity editor: dark theme, sidebar, etc.


2013 - 2019

Visual scripting extension designed to simplify video game programming.

Tool for generating and placing instances along guides extracted from AutoCAD files.

Visual editor for 3D data sets obtained by scanning football matches in real time.

Visual editor for Formula E racing GPS data sets.

A collection of small utilities for the Unity editor.

Extension that enables the possibility of reordering components in the Inspector window using drag and drop.


Adaptation of Vitrun to play with the Leap Motion controller. Unity.



The classic ball-roller game with a personal touch. Unity.

J2ME Gaming

2005 - 2007

Series of casino games and bets for mobile devices. J2ME.

Virtual sport events betting platform. C++.

Gran Doradium

2003 - 2004

The first game for a new generation of type B gaming machines. Java y OpenGL.



Computer version of a medieval board game. Director.


2000 - 2001

Shoot’em up game (R-Type alike) to play in the browser. Java.




Simple app to keep track of your friends’ and contacts’ birthdays. Published in the App Store.

Smart Groups

2009 - 2010

App for advanced contact group management. Published in the App Store.

App that was intended to serve as a comparator of the best apps available for each category. Not published.

Bingo game to play at home with built-in singing of the balls. Published in the App Store.

Retro Development


2017 -

VS Code extension for Amiga/M68k assembly cross-development.


2018 -

Utility that enables agile communication with an Amiga emulator through a shell in the same host machine.

Systems & Engines

Custom Trac

2010 - 2012

Trac extension to allow management of requirements and QA activities

System to generate automatic J2ME ports for a wide range of devices through code pre-processing.


2003 - 2004

Operating system for touchscreen slot machines. Based on Linux and Java.


Website that aims to be a historical archive of the Spanish demo scene.


1995 - 1998

Disk magazine for Amiga computer users specially focused on the demoscene. M68k assembly.

Intro for Amiga. Winner of the 64k Amiga Intro competition at Posadas Party 1995. M68k assembly.

Small intro to introduce the BBS of the Odrusba group. M68k assembly.

Menu for an Amiga productions pack. M68k assembly.