Smart Groups released

10 / 02 / 2010

Xeleh Software has released Smart Groups for iPhone, a sophisticated application intended to solve some of the lacks found in the bundled Address Book application.

Smart Groups features support for smart grouping of contacts, contacts list customization and group actions like sending an email to all contacts in a group.

Smart groups are lists of contacts defined by membership rules or search criteria, which always remains up to date: they do not require the user to manually add any contacts to them.

Options for contacts list customization include appearance settings (background color, contacts photos, list format, etc.) and grouping settings. Created groups can be assigned a category for an additional level of organization.

Group actions currently supported by Smart Groups are search for contacts and sending a mass email to all contacts in a group, both actions easily performed and effortless.

Smart Groups is available in English and Spanish, and can be purchased on the iTunes AppStore (Productivity category) for US$1,99 / 1,59€ / ₤1,19.

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